Experience culture through Sound Stories

We seek to make culture, a multisensory, engaging and meaningful experience for everyone. By introducing Sound Stories in the heart of cultural exhibits, programs and media applications we give a new dimension to the casual museum or city walk: we shed light on the hidden stories of the objects and the landscape and we give volume and vibrancy to our everyday experiences.

We collaborate with cultural institutions and key stakeholders in order to create cultural interventions that interconnect sound, stories, people and multimedia. Our cultural interventions can take the form of: Sensory walks, interactive digital maps, heritage interpretation resources, aurally augmented reality applications, multimedia / digital storytelling, sound-based cultural interpretation, oral history & sound digital archives.

NACUSSO works closely with artists in the field of visual arts, sound and performance. Some of the artists we have worked with are: Studiolo Laps, Medea Electronique, Luc Messinezis, Knut Remond, Ayln and Akoo-o