Explore new technologies and ideas

In collaboration with an array of interdisciplinary partners, we support research projects and ideas in the field of sensory studies. Among others, we are interested in the following domains:

Sensory studies, acoustic ecology, oral history, storytelling, museum & heritage studies, digital ethnography, locative media, new media, walking studies, multimodal studies, media & communication, cultural analysis, art practice, sociology, architecture and paedagogy. As part of our research work we participate in research conferences and publications.

Research publications:

  • Anemogiannis, D., & Theocharis, A. (2021). “Echoes of Elves and Demons in the Riverbank: The Exploration of History and Folklore in Kythera Through Walking”, in Experiential Walks for Urban Design (pp. 3-23). Springer, Cham.
  • Anemogiannis, D & Theocharis, A. (2018) “Soundmaps as a tool for education and cultural analysis: The case of Sound of Kythera, in the Proceedings of the 4th Conference of Acoustic Ecology by the Aegean University
  • Gatou I. (2015) “5:6 land-scapes of Mytilene. An interactive sound map application”, at:
    -Αthens Digital Arts Festival (2015) / category: web art
    -Invisible Cities Conference (2015), Department of Communication and Media (University of Athens) & Instituto Italiano di Cultura Atene
    -Urban Emptiness Project (2017), NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus